Why our food digester is different

Advantages of our Machines Compared to other food waste to liquid machines:

1.Advanced Food Waste Breakdown:
Our composting machines excel in breaking down food waste compared to other wastewater machinery, ensuring a more effective waste-to-wastewater conversion process.

2.Liquid and Sauce Degradation:
Unlike other machines, The GS-Food Waste Digesters machines can efficiently break down liquids and sauces, expanding their versatility and waste processing capabilities.

3.Remote Control and Data Analytics:
The remote-controlled operation and comprehensive data collection features of our machines offer unparalleled insights into waste management processes.

4.Chemical-free Approach:
GS-Food Waste Digesters machines utilize a 100% enzyme mix, eliminating the need for chemical additives in the waste processing process, contributing to a cleaner environment.

5.Seamless Wastewater Treatment:
Our compostingmachines produce wastewater that can be safely discharged into the existing sewer system, simplifying the disposal process and ensuring minimal impact on wastewater treatment plants.

6.Grease Accumulation Prevention:
The enzymatic action of our digestion machines prevents the accumulation of grease in pits, pipes, and sewers, enhancing the overall system’s longevity and effectiveness.

Advantages over a solid food digester:

1.Energy Efficiency:
Our machines require less power compared to compost machines, making them a more energy-efficient waste management solution.

2.Continuous Processing:
Our machines operate on a continuous basis, allowing for ongoing waste processing, unlike compost machines that operate in batch cycles.

3.Reduced Footprint:
GS-Food Waste Digesters have a smaller physical footprint compared to compost machines, optimizing space utilization.

4.No Solid Waste:
Our composting machines eliminate the need for dealing with solid compost waste, streamlining the waste management process.

5.Immediate Usability:
The output of our machines can be immediately discharged into the sewage system. And can create biogas at the waste water treatment plant.

A food digester is ideal for:

Hotels and resorts

Restaurants and bars

School and university

Nursing homes

Distribution centers

Island properties

Cruise ships -oil tankers

Military canteens

Remote camps

Humanitarian aid

Catering companies

Corporate cafeterias

Convention centers

Hospitals cafeterias

Bakeries shops

Theme parks





Advantages for the environment:

1.Reduced CO2 Emissions:
One of the standout advantages of our patent pending technology is its potential to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. The absence of garbage trucks shuttling waste to and from collection points directly impacts carbon emissions, making our communities cleaner and more sustainable.

2.Elimination of Methane Emissions:
The traditional waste management system contributes to methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas. By diverting food waste from landfills and reducing methane-producing processes, our machines play a pivotal role in combating climate change.

3.Microplastic Reduction:
The reduction of microplastics released from car tires, often generated by waste truck traffic, is a lesser-known yet impactful environmental benefit of GS-Food Wastes Digesters. This reduction contributes to healthier ecosystems and cleaner water bodies.

4.Lower Scope 3 Emissions:
Beyond the immediate waste collection process, the entire waste management ecosystem involves multiple stages, each contributing to emissions. The patent-pending food waste digestion technology’s streamlined approach minimizes the carbon footprint associated with green containers, garbage trucks, and associated logistics.

5.Enhanced Sewer Utilization:
The process leverages the high water content of food waste to contribute to better purification in wastewater treatment plants. This dual benefit of waste reduction and wastewater improvement showcases the technology’s multifaceted environmental impact.

more benefits

Advantages of Machines on Location:

1.Effortless Food Waste Processing:
Our machines provide an easy and efficient method for processing food waste. The automated nature of the technology ensures a seamless experience for users.

2.Reduced Physical Labor:
Traditional waste collection methods often involve heavy lifting and manual labor. Our composting machines alleviate this burden, resulting in less physical strain for personnel.

3.Enhanced Hygiene:
The controlled aerobic enzymatic degradation process in our machines eliminates the need for smelly and unhygienic green containers, creating a healthier and more pleasant work environment.

4.Pest Reduction:
The absence of food waste in open containers drastically reduces the presence of pests such as rats and mice, creating a cleaner and safer atmosphere.

5.Real-time Waste Monitoring:
GS-food waste digesters offer the advantage of real-time waste monitoring, allowing for a more accurate understanding of daily waste generation. This data can inform waste reduction strategies and lead to more efficient operations.

Financial Benefits of our food digester

1.Cost Savings:
The elimination of green container pickups and associated logistics translates to substantial cost savings over time. This resource optimization directly impacts the bottom line.

2.Reduced Fat Pit Maintenance:
The enzymatic breakdown of fats by our food digesters decreases the frequency of fat pit maintenance, leading to potential savings in maintenance costs.

3.Personnel Cost Reduction:
Our machines minimize time wasted on walking back and forth to green containers, texting, calling, and other non-productive activities. This reduction in inefficiencies translates to valuable time and cost savings.

4.Enhanced Reputation:
Adopting our patent pending technology contributes to a greener and more environmentally friendly image for businesses. This aligns with the growing consumer preference for eco-conscious choices.

5.Optimized Waste Management:
By accurately monitoring and understanding the composition of food waste, our machines enable businesses to implement targeted waste reductionmeasures, leading to further financial efficiencies.

How can we/ our food difester help?

Every business that has food, and compostable packaging waste is different and needs a tailor-made solution to handle the waste stream in a correct way. In some cases, aerobic digestion may not be the best option. Anaerobic digestion – incineration or recycling of the waste stream may be a better option than using a food digester. We can support you in making the right choice.

When we decide together, that a food digester is the best solution for your company, we will look at what machine can work for you – now and in the future. Do you need one large machine at a central point in the building? or is it better to use more, but smaller food digesters at every individual food preparation or collection point.

Besides the food digester, we can also support you in choosing the right compostable packaging material for your needs. We have several years of experience and a wide network of partners that can supply, make, design, and produce the right solutions for you. Let’s work together in making the world a bit better.