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Thanks for visiting the website of our unique food composter. Food is part of a group that has many years of experience in the plant-based packaging industry. We are developing a food composter that can digest; food waste – bioplastics (PLA-PHA), and compostable packaging. With our special “magic sauce” (Bio cultures) and plant-based bio-chips the food digester we are developing is unique in the market.

Take a look at all the different food composters we can offer, and which model will fit your needs best. Check out our partners and other websites that can support you in becoming single use fossil plastic free. Let’s change the world step by step. 

food composter for: food waste - bioplastic - plant-based packaging

In most countries, it’s not allowed to put  PLA cups, PLA bottles, cutlery, and other products that are compostable, into the industrial composting waste stream (green bin). Most of the compostable packaging products are designed to compost in facilities like this, but still, are not allowed to be composted in an industrial composting facility. According to us, and many other companies, clients, and consumers, this is a weird situation. 

We wanted to solve this problem and supply the companies using compostable packaging – because they want to step away from the polluting fossil plastic products – a good alternative.

What better way to create a food composter that can compost all different kinds of food, bioplastics, and compostable material, right on the site where they are used. PLA, PHA, bagasse, hemp, bamboo, dried banana leaves, starch, and many other compostable materials can finally be composted in one machine, together with all your food waste. We are working hard to create this dream. 

Our food composter

The concern over the substantial volumes of food loss occurring globally is growing, with estimates indicating around 1.3 billion tonnes being lost annually, though data quality varies. These losses manifest throughout production stages, spanning from pre-harvest activities on farms to post-harvest losses during processing, distribution, retail, and consumption.

The majority of this food wastage emerges at the consumption phase, encompassing locations such as cafeterias, canteens, and restaurants. While some waste can be mitigated, certain components are unavoidable due to their inedible nature. A solution in the form of a food composter has emerged as a result of enhanced comprehension regarding the origins and trajectories of unconsumed food. Its primary focus is on prevention, allowing only materials unsuitable for human or animal consumption to be relegated to waste.


Our food composter addresses these issues by efficiently digesting food waste on-site within a mere 24-hour timeframe, all while remaining free of odor and noise. It leads to a significant reduction in waste management costs and eliminates unpleasant odors, mess, and pest issues stemming from traditional trash containers. By employing the food waste and compostable packaging digester, you’re not only diminishing the space and energy requirements associated with removing unwanted food scraps but also circumventing the need for collection, transportation, or landfill accumulation.


What sets our food composter apart is its unique capabilities. Beyond the functionalities typical of other food digesters, ours possesses the remarkable capacity to also digest compostable packaging and plant-based plastics like PLA and PHA. This dual feature results in a further reduction of your waste stream, additional cost savings, and empowers your organization with on-site authority over a substantial segment of its overall waste management processes.

Small food composter

Food digester - food composter - composting machine - bioplastic composter - Liquid food digester

New design coming soon

Medium food composter

New design coming soon

Large food composter

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Machines with a waste process capacity from 25  to 100 kilo’s / day.


Machines with a  waste process capacity from 250 to 1000  kilo’s / day.


Machines with a waste process capacity from 2500 to 10000 kilo / day

food composter in action

The Benefits of our food composter

Our machine can compost bioplastics

Compost all compostable packaging

No harmfull micro plastics in greywater

Special designed plant-based BioChips

Reduces or eliminates trash disposal

Reduce frequency and size of collection

Deep technical and operational experience

Waste does not go to a landfill (no methane)

Reduces carbon footprint

Free of odors

Quiet operation

Eliminate flies, rodents, and smells

food composter - food waste picture

Our Magic powder

OUR Proprietory Enzymes and BioChips:
In many countries, it’s not allowed to put compostable packaging (PLA-PHA etcetera) into the existing industrial composting waste stream. Most of the compostable packaging products are designed to compost in facilities like this, but still, they are not allowed to be processed in an industrial composting facility. Our goal is to help you solve this problem and give the companies using compostable packaging a positive alternative.

special Biochips

We wanted to create a food composter that can digest food and compostable packaging. Designing an additional appliance that fits onto our BMD, was the kind of solution that made this dual use possible. The reason why most companies switch to plant-based packaging ( like PLA bottles, cups and cutlery) is that they want to step away from using fossil plastic. Fossil plastic creates microplastics in the environment which create numerous health issues for animals and people.
That’s why we needed to find a solution for a better biochips. Most other food composters are using biochips made from fossil plastic, that could release microplastics into the greywater and into our waste stream. When the Biochips are replaced by new ones. the old ones are often dumped into the garbage, and dumped into a landfill or incineration.

Our BMD supplies 100% plant-based biochips for our food composters will be ready in 2024.

Locations with a food composter

Join the growing number of food waste composter customers who are reconsidering their food waste management practices. Small, medium, and large businesses that serve a large number of people on a regular basis must figure out how to get rid of leftovers as quickly as possible. At, you’ll find the definitive answer. Apart from the obvious benefits of processing food waste on-site (no need for collection, transportation, or piling up in a landfill), our food digester is unique in that, in addition to what all other food composters can do, it can also digest compostable packaging and plant-based plastics such as PLA and PHA. This will lower your waste stream, even more, reduce even more costs and give your organization on-site control over a large portion of the total waste.

food composter machine ad university
food composter machine at sport event - arena - Aerobic digester
food composter machine at music events
food digester at an airport

Show the new generation that your organization cares and that’s care of the environment by handling all food waste on site with a liquid food composter. Become an example and  switch.


With a combination of food waste and compostable packaging, that is used in the different sales outlets. The food composter is ideal for you. Let’s lower harmfull emissions


PLA cups for beer and non alcohol drinks, food trays from bagasse, plates and cutlery from PLA, and all the food waste can be thrown into the food digester together.


All food waste on location – lower truck movements, not heavy bags to the dumpster. Trow away your food waste on the spot, where it’s created. Our food composters are here for you.

cruiseline work with food digesters - aerobic digester
food composter machine ideal for resorts
food composter machine ideal for catering - Aerobic digester
food digester in hotel restaurants

Our waste to greywater digesters is ideal for cruiseships. The food waste can be digested right away, without  taking it off the ship. 


With different sizes of food composters, every food process location can have its own ideal sized food composter in the kitchen.


What a story to tell to your customers when you devert food waste from land fill, lower Methane emissions, lower truck movement. AND saving money


Make the work of your kitchen staff easier and less heavy. By putting a food composter close in the kitchen. No oder, Quiet, easy to use, and quick to clean.